“Broadcast Truck” allows you to remotely televise and capture events, public information, press conferences, (Electronic News Gathering -ENG) and any other important event that needs to be covered without the burden of staff, cameras, and audio equipment that is typically involved in mobile on location production setups.
Our Broadcast Truck application allows any entity to connect to our state-of-the-art broadcasting suite to stream HD quality video to any and multiple platforms. Primestar Digital Network has helped multiple municipalities become ADA compliant and “improve their visibility and credibility” with their audience base.

With a touch of a button the “livestream” from your cellular or tablet device, connects seamlessly to our global broadcast truck which handles the sophisticated production elements that will convert your “stream” into a “broadcast.”

For those who use streaming capable cameras or encoder assisted devices, we will provide you with ingestion connectivity capabilities to communicate with truck and alternate onsite two way communication portal.

Key Production Available Features:
  • Camera color controls
  • Picture in Picture
  • Lower Thirds
  • Stingers / Transitions
  • Audio compression/ leveling / limiting/ noise reduction
  • Live Closed Captioning
  • Live Simulcast distribution to your Social Media accounts, website, news partners, CDN
  • Localized recording of file
  • Live score boards
  • RSS feed

Our infrastructure removes the typical barriers that can exist when desiring to provide live video coverage of events that I.T. Departments and vendors typically must perform pre event mapping of location to determine complexity of:

  • Equipment setup location(s)
  • Internet Bandwidth testing
  • Cable management plan
  • Electrical location(s)
  • Equipment load in/out scheduling
  • Staffing requirements
Creating an account

First time users will need to sign up via the account portal to have access to the scheduling module. Users will upload a png image as their profile picture, include all social media channel credentials that will be utilized with the service.
Upon account verification and accreditation, user will have full access to the scheduling module, thus allowing events to be scheduled, managed and viewed from the client portal.

  • Single use broadcast vs Subscription based
  • Single use:
    $99.00 account setup fee
  • Pre-billing of broadcast based on estimated time of actual broadcast.
  • Pre event connection time is complimentary.
  • Subscription based:
    $0 set up fee as account will be bundled with existing remote services plan.
  • Priority event scheduling
  • Pre event connection time is complimentary

From your Desktop or mobile device


  • Name of Event
  • Name of on camera speaker(s)
  • Title of person(s)
  • Event date
  • Event time
  • Include PNG logo(s) for custom lower thirds
  • Include event Poster, Agenda, desired on screen graphics
  • You select which social media and CDN accounts that you desire this broadcast to publish to

This information schedules the virtual broadcast truck
A technical director / support engineer will consult with you via phone and or email to ensure your vision is properly articulated.

On location

Client’s event portal will convert to ready to broadcast twenty minutes before scheduled start time to allow user to start the uplink to the broadcast truck and communicate with support engineer. This communication assists the user in ensuring audio and video signals are optimum, and that the broadcast will look it’s best.

Upon concluding the broadcast, user simply stops the transmission of signal, and walk away. No waiting for crowds to disperse to remove power and signal cabling.

Post Broadcast

Shortly after the conclusion of broadcast the following will be available to you:

  • Open Captions file (HUMAN)
  • Closed Captions file (HUMAN)
  • Webvtt file (HUMAN)
  • Raw event archive file