Onsite Production and Broadcasting Services

City of Lake Worth, FL

Client Feedback

Darrian is the consummate professional in the field of recordation of Municipal meetings. He was able to bring modern technology into our much less than modern commission chamber. I highly recommend this company to help you in all your needs in recording government meetings.

D Andrea City Clerk,
Lake Worth Beach, FL

City of Pahokee, FL  

Client Feedback

  1. Responsiveness—Very important to the needs of the City during critical last-minute changes, issues, or request.
  2. Quality Production—staff professionalism, appearance, equipment should be of modern 1st Class that provides the latest results to the public.
  3. Options of Service—offer option packages to municipality so that they can see what the public dollar is being used for and have it in a format that’s professional to the degree that by eye contact you would not know the makeup of who owns Digital Network.
  4. Community Awareness/Involvement—paramount the provider understand the landscape of the community, the leaders, the players as we say to ensure they are objective and sometimes also being subjective to protect the client for adverse situations.
  5. For the City of Pahokee we have received excellent responses to our needs and to a more direct point other areas that we required expert advice(website etc.) those services were provided without billing which means the vendor has gone beyond the service contract to ensure the client is fulfilled. This strengthens the relationship and trust. The quality in production (what the public views during and after has been nothing short of magnificent especially when it’s above the grain of many more robust cities in the County.

Chandler F. Williamson, MPA
City Manager
City of Pahokee