Remote Production Services

Let the professionals at Primestar Digital Network, add a professional front end to your live meetings. Our knowledgeable and capable television producers will remotely connect with your infrastructure to provide advanced camera switching, audio improvements, on screen artifacts, triplicate file redundancy and Closed Captioning.
With over 500 hours of live Government broadcasting expertise, you can feel confident in our team’s ability to ensure that your content is properly produced and is easily and readily able to view by your audience.

Key Benefits

Our client base enjoys the reduced impact of staff time and skillset requirements as Primestar has become a trusted “white label” service provider to ensure public information is produced, polished and published to municipal destinations.


Our technical team will evaluate your current equipment, workflow, distribution methods, and desires to properly interface your infrastructure to directly communicate with our broadcast studio Establish a direct A/V communications portal to your studio that INSTANLY communicates with our television studio within 1 second of your staff pushing one button. Upon connection, our team will handle the live Broadcasting, Closed Captioning, and distribution to your audience. At broadcast conclusion, your staff pushes one button to suspend connection to our studio.

Case Study

Service needs:

City leaders feel that livestreaming to Facebook is the preferred way to communicate with the community as citizens are more engaged with the platform than most other means, and the City does not have live player capabilities on their website.

This poses a problem as Governmental livestreams are being closely monitored for live and VOD Closed Captioning. The city needed an affordable solution that would allow them to continue streaming to Facebook while adding live captions to become compliant.

Primestar Digital Network was contacted and provided a multilayer solution to ensure the immediate and expanded needs were met, at a much lower cost investment than 3rd party or add on hardware devices that performs partial needs.


I have no complaints and have not heard of any complaints; everyone seems to be happy with Primestar’s service.”

Kathy Combass,
City of Clewiston, Florida Interim City Clerk