Primestar plays a vital role in this component by providing professional design, procurement, and installation, of the latest technology, to ensure that the municipality is getting forward-thinking technology while maximizing their budget.

In years past, typical Commission Chambers audio video systems were outdated even at installation as the overall approach was that “it’s just a meeting room and as long as they can hear the speakers, everything is fine.” The ideology was furthered when viewers would watch Governmental programming on C-Span, and the Standard Definition video quality as well as the  less than stellar audio was considered the norm. But as pro-sumer technology became more affordable, many localized divisions became aware of the latest technologies that could make there facilities more efficient and provide expanded capabilities.

Primestar Digital Network has lead the charge as work with manufacturers, representatives, and attend trade shows to remain abreast of the latest technologies that assist facilities with cutting edge tools and resources to stand out from the crowd