Primestar plays a vital role in the Governmental sector by providing professional services with the latest technology, to ensure that the municipality is getting forward-thinking technology while maximizing their budget.

In years past, typical Commission Chambers audio/video systems were outdated even at installation as the overall approach was that “it’s just a meeting room and as long as they can hear the speakers, everything is fine.” The ideology was furthered when viewers would watch Governmental programming on C-Span, and the Standard Definition video quality as well as the less than stellar audio was considered the norm. But as pro-sumer technology became more affordable, many municipalities became aware of technologies that could make their facilities more efficient and provide expanded capabilities.

“Our Governmental clients enjoy the benefits of our in depth services as we ensure all public records requirements are met, ensure adequate redundant backup, and provide a High Quality live broadcast that rivals the traditional look of Governmental programming”

Darrian Dority,
Primestar Digital Network , C.O.O.
Primestar Digital Network has led the charge as we work with manufacturers, representatives, and attend trade shows to remain abreast of the latest technologies that assist facilities with cutting edge tools and resources to help improve your visibility and credibility.

Professional Services

Television Production suite design

Audio reinforcement upgrades

Multi-Camera live broadcasting (On site or Remote Connectivity)

24hours phone, email and remote connection support

Technical assistance and advice for I.T. related Audio/Video infrastructure

Video Conference systems

I.T. Department Support

Information Technology Departments are overwhelmed with the day to day responsibilities of ensuring that a municipal entity remains online. In some cases, the duty level has expanded from the typical phone, computer, networking, and security protocols, to venturing beyond typical I.T. certifications and diving into live streaming and broadcasting.
This can place additional strain on the department, as it may be improperly staffed, and this additional skillset requirement can throttle down the workflow as continuing education courses may be required to ensure that the streamed audio visuals meet the expectation of leadership.
As a contracted services vendor, our team of highly trained broadcast professionals work directly with IT managers and support staff, to ensure that the audio visuals exceed expectations as well as ensuring that a file redundancy system is in place to meet municipal regulations.

We do not compete with your I.T. Department, we compliment them!

Case Study

Service needs:
Replace existing audio mixer, twelve (12) microphones, installation of supplied loudspeakers and new cabling. (specific equipment was requested)


The City Manager, elected officials, and many of the audience members made positive feedback on the improvements made to the quality of sound in that venue. I appreciate your help, and that of your tech, to get the system installed, configured, and then supported for that first meeting. We did have one ‘glitch’ where another meeting was being held and we were not there to troubleshoot the equipment in-person. We had previously connected the switch to the network and had the QU remote software installed on an old iPad. I was able to remote into it, saw that the main sound control was set down (almost off), and set it back to the normal position.

J ITS Director

Streaming/Broadcast Support

State of the City Address

  • Multi- Camera Live broadcast
  • Audio Reinforcement
  • Set design

Onsite Production of Live Commission Meeting

  • Multi-Camera production
  • Produced and switch Live
  • Packaged for VOD closed captioning

24hour Internet Television Programming Channel (IPTV)

Municipalities can produce 100s of hours of live programming annually and typically rely upon the traditional online social media accounts to host and play videos on a visitor search, demand style basis.

Primestar Digital Network’s CDN allows you to create “24hour, 7 day, monthly, or any time period” playlist. Envision bundling your Commission or other departmental meetings into a playlist that can play for a pre-determined time period to displays in waiting rooms, lobbies, marquees, your website, etc.

Additionally, citizens who no longer live in the city but who desire to stay engaged can access your content wherever they may travel to.

This automation can be replicated over many independent channels and can serve your programming to viewers to keep them engaged with public information. Establish an account

Post Production / Closed Captioning

  • Human Closed Captioning
  • Open Captions File (ideal for municipal waiting rooms, lobbies, customer service centers where volume must be low or off)
  • Closed Caption File

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